Check out the glorious work of the 85 artists on the 2017 Studio Tour. Below are two lists, one by artists’ names and one by studio number. Click on the name of the artist or studio to visit their Directory page, where you can enjoy a gallery of current work and find contact information and studio hours.

You can also search by medium by clicking here or read the beautiful brochure online!

The Studio Tour happens on Thanksgiving Weekend, October 7-9pm, 2017, but many artists are open year-round**.

Check the brochure or the online directory for details.
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List by Artist Studio:

SpiritSong Studio, Yvonne Noyon**

2 Fiddlehead Farm Studio, Ila Patel**

Mindy Joseph, Mindy Joseph**

Orange Chicken Art Studio, Gwen Spinks**

Black Bird Studios, Paige Coull**

5 Mountain Waves Clay & Succulents, Sarah Chiasson

D’dance Glass, Dirk Huysman & Mary Ann Richards**

7 Eyan Myers Studio, Eyan Myers

8 Stone Raven, David Aris**

Whalebone Studio, Pam Tempelmayr**

10 Tuckamore Tree Studio, Shawntah Breen**

11 The Green Bough Studio & Gallery, Zulis Yalte**

11 The Green Bough Studio & Gallery, Joy Olsen**

12 Gabriola Gadgets, Konrad Mauch**

13 My Little House Studio, Joan Badke**

13 Windflower Flutes, Gary Badke**

14 Indigo Moon Studio, Trish Moon**

15 Earth Fire & Tears Pottery, Howard Houle**

16 Cymbal Wear, Gerry & Lynn Stefanson**

17 Sheila Norgate, Sheila Norgate**

18 Wanderlust Creations, Amy Hollings

19 The Cosmic Bead Company, Mary-Beth Levan**

20 Glassworks & Anvil Art, Jane Ferland**

21 Gulf Island Stained Glass, David Andrews**

22 Our House Art Studio, Melinda Wilde**

22 Oh Sack! & Socksy Times, Rebecca Furnell**

23 Sunstone Pottery, Graham Sheehan**

24 Paprika, Nina Turczyn**

25 Stone Crop Studio, Harold Allanson

25 Stone Crop Studio, Merrily Allanson

26 Robinson & Design, Rob Robinson**

27 Ant Designs, Lorna Potts**

28 The Lynch Studio & Gallery, Randi Lynch

28 The Lynch Studio & Gallery, Tina Lynch

28 The Lynch Studio & Gallery, Jennifer Lynch

29 Roundhouse Gallery, Chris Straw**

30 Moonshine Studio, Laura Handford**

31 Red Door Studio, Anne Havard**

32 Blue Apples, Sah’Rah Kerfoot**

32 Blue Apples, André Nobels**

33 Dianna Bonder Studios, Dianna Bonder**

34 Drumweaver Earth Arts, carol weaver**

35 Lottie Anderson Fine Art, Lottie Stone Anderson**

36 Fyberspace Studio, Kim Cowley-Adam**

37 Jewellery by Semih, Semih Fisekci

38 Illuminati Glassworks, Dan Bergeron & Jim Heeks

39 Sue Swift, Sue Swift

40 Lux Adorn Designs, Billi Mercier**

41 Crestwood Studio, Judy Preston

42 Deer Trails, Ranza Clark**

43 The Enchanted Forest Studio, Lynn van Herwaarden**

44 Tied Up & Dyed, Scott Shane**

45 The Rising Stone, Stephen Cole**

46 Holmestead Glassworks, Annie Holmes**

47 Trudy Broadley Art Studio, Trudy Broadley

48 Caroline James Fine Art, Caroline James**

49 Tammy Hudgeon Studio, Tammy Hudgeon**

49 Ode’s Alchemy Shop, Ode Howard**

50 Casa Blanca Gallery, Marylyn Beaubien

51 Working West Coast, Doug Harrison**

52 Dar Mace’s Gabriola Studio, Dar Mace**

52 Susan Brooks Glassworks, Susan Brooks**

52 Salt & Silver, Hayden Harvey**

52 Blowin’ in the Wind, Iain Lawrence

52 Kate Wood Ceramics, Kate Wood**

53 Silver Bee Studio, Brendalee Astells**

54 Ruth’s Pottery, Ruth McCollum

55 Bob Brinton, Bob Brinton**

56 Tony Grove Studio, Tony Grove**

57 Eyes Wide Open Photography, Nicholas Halpin**

58 Modern Bohemian Design, ChristineBletcher

58 Thistle, Wendy Stok

59 Carolyn Bell Art, Carolyn Bell**

60 Indian Summer Leather Design, Anita Jackel-Deggan**

61 1935 Murray Road , Deborah Dallyn

62 Karen Curry Studio, Karen Curry**

63 O Gallery, Ocean Mussack**

64 Karen Cain Studio & Gallery, Karen Cain**

65 Vintage Sign Projects, Bob Hamer**