Bus for Studio Tour now available!

Don’t want to drive on Studio Tour weekend? Want to share the Tour experience with a group of friends and neighbours? Want to cut down on carbon emissions? Take Gertie on Tour!

Gertie has made a random selection of artists’ studios — 6 per each day, on Saturday and Sunday — and for $25 you can hop on Gertie and be driven to each studio, have 20-25 minutes to browse and shop, and then hop on the bus to the next studio.

For information or to register, email gabriolacommunitybus@gmail.com

The studios are:

Saturday — 10 am to 1:00 pm:

No. 2 — Caroline James Fine Art Studio
No. 3 — Tammy Hudgeon Studio
No. 5 — Gabriola Studio (5 artists at one studio!)
No. 13 — Modern Bohemian Design/Thistle
No. 15 — Brush with Nature
No. 18 — 1935 Murray Road

Sunday — 1 pm to 4:00 pm

No. 23 — SpiritSong Studio
No. 24 — Delfin Designs
No. 27 — The Orange Chicken Art Studio
No. 33 — The Green Bough
No. 42 — Outcast Design/Gabriola Gadgets
No. 57 — Maison Bleue