Gabriola Island’s



Visit Artists’ studios year-round

2021 Studio Tour Oct 9-11


In-person Locations

Jack Pine Cabin
10am – noon

Returning 2020 artists

Opens:  Feb 22 at 10am
Closes:  Feb 28 at 4pm

New 2021 artists

Opens:  Mar 8 at 10am
Closes:  when full

Online Registration

24 hrs/day

Registration Fees

Returning Studio Tour 2020 Artists

Primary Artist / Guest Artist


Express Registration

No registrations will be accepted after February 26th for RETURNING Studio Tour 2020 artists.

New Studio Tour 2021 Artists

Primary Artist / Guest Artist


Full Registration

No registrations accepted after March 12th for
NEW Studio Tour 2021 artists. Limited space available.

Fees include

Studio Guide an enduring reference and planning tool
2021 listing on TAOG (, including targeted marketing
Participation in Tour Central (due to large participation there will be size limitations)
Print and digital marketing from May to October

Inclusivity Program

We have reserved 5 spots on the 2021 Studio Tour for artists who need support in debuting their studios.

As the Gabriola Arts Council is committed to practicing equity, diversity, inclusivity, and accessibility, we invite you to contact the Executive Director to discuss your desire to be a part of the Tour and let us know how we can assist.

Tour fees will be established on a sliding scale. All communication and information will be kept confidential and will only be seen by the Executive Director. Please email for more information. The closing date for Inclusivity program applications is March 12th at 4pm.

Be prepared for
Tour Registration!


Please read the information below carefully for details of what you need for your registration.

If you have questions, please email prior to the registration.

As of February 22 at 10 am, you will be able to see and fill out the online registration form here. Don’t forget to refresh the page!

Paper copies of the registration form can be downloaded here but will not be accepted until the registration period opens.


Tour Registration Checklist

  • Studio Description
  • Brochure Photo
  • GAC Membership Status
  • Review Map Location
  • Primary Artist or Guest Artist.
    As a primary artist, will you be hosting a guest artist?

See below for details of each item

Our intention is to support artists to have meaningful and enjoyable contact with those on the Tour, to showcase and sell their work, and inspire a sense of community among island artists.

The Thanksgiving Studio Tour is for full-time resident artists on Gabriola, Mudge, Link, De Courcy, or Valdes Island.

All visual artists and artisans who are permanent residents of these Islands and members of the Gabriola Arts Council may participate in the Studio Tour.

Only visual artists and artisans who create original, handmade, unique, one-of-a-kind works are permitted to exhibit their work on the Tour. No mass-produced products or consumable goods are permitted. The exception is material that is derived from a work of your own visual art (e.g. notecards, prints, or other reproductions).

Studio Description

15-25 words please.
We reserve the right to edit text for length and style.
You will have an opportunity to review your listing before the brochure is printed.

GAC Membership Status

All Tour artists must be members of GAC. Most artists will have to renew their membership for 2020. You can do this by selecting the membership renewal option in the registration form. In the case of artist partnerships (artists creating work together), each artist must have a current GAC membership.

If you’re not sure whether you need to renew (for instance, some artists have multi-year memberships or have Member Emeritus status), contact Moe prior to the registration date to inquire about your status.

Map Location Review

Have a look at the 2019 tour map.

Review your location on it and decide which of the following options you will select in the registration form:

  • I have reviewed last year’s map in the brochure and my location is correct.
  • My location on last year’s map is incorrect. I have downloaded the map from the link at the top of this form and will clearly indicate the required correction and drop it off at the Jack Pine Cabin (GAC Office) by March. 15 at 4:00 pm.
  • I was not on last year’s Tour. I have downloaded the map from the link at the top of this form and will clearly indicate my location and drop it off at the Jack Pine Cabin (GAC Office) before March 15th at 4:00 pm.

Primary Studio or Guest Artist

Primary Studio
If you are displaying or demonstrating your work from your own home or studio, you are a Primary Studio. Artists creating work together (artist partnerships) can be listed under the same studio, and pay one fee. Each artist must have a current GAC membership.

Guest Artist
If you display your work in the home or studio of another registered Primary Studio, you are a Guest Artist. Your Studio number will be the same as that of your host Principal Studio, your registration fee is the same, and you receive the same size and format listing in the Studio Tour brochure and on the GAC website.

Need a Match?

If you are a Primary Studio willing to host a Guest Artist, or a Guest Artist looking for a Studio, let us know and we will try to facilitate a match. Statistics gathered over several years indicate that studios with guest artists tend to get higher visitor traffic. Consider hosting a guest.

Brochure Photo

Please read the following instructions carefully. If you are not familiar with image specifications, please find someone who can assist you. GAC staff cannot work with you to format your image properly.

Submit a clear and uncluttered square representation of your best work on a plain background.

  • Have a look at last year’s brochure to see which photos are most effective.
  • We require a new image each year. Resubmission of a photo previously used in the Studio Tour brochure won’t be accepted.
  • Logos are not permitted in or as your image.

Image Shape

  • Your photo must be in a SQUARE format.
  • Photos will be printed at 1.5″ square.  Sometimes a colourful detail or a tight crop of your work is most effective at this size.
  • If you plan to crop your image in advance with photo editing software, please leave an allowance for our printer’s page bleed requirements which may trim off up to 1/4” of your image on either side.

File Size

  • File size must be minimum 1 MB and maximum 2 MB. For those familiar with pixel dimensions, a minimum image size of 800×800 pixels is required, but larger would be great.

File Format

  • A full-size JPG image file in its original RGB colour space is preferred, saved at best image quality with no extra image compression.
  • TIFF format is also acceptable but please do not convert your image to CMYK colour for print—we will handle this in brochure production.
  • Smartphone/iPhone images are acceptable if they meet these criteria.  iPhone has a useful square option.

Naming Convention

  • Name your image file and/or folder with your last name, first name and 2020.
  • Your file name should follow this format: MitchellJoni2020.

Submission Method

  • Online registrants: Please submit your image via the online registration form.
  • Hardcopy form registrants: Please submit your image by email to